Tribal Theory

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Now in all honesty, everyone who knows me knows I am not necessarily the biggest Reggae head out there, and my knowledge of Reggae is fairly lacking, yet why am I writing about a band who predominantly plays Reggae (although that’s not the only thing they play) and aren’t even on island? Well for one thing Peter Cruz is like a brother to me and him and I have dabbled in the idea of incorporating a DJ with their live sets, to which I hope eventually happens. Whether it be stateside or right here in Guam, it would be great to link with a band of this caliber. They have great music, with a great following, and they are great people. So if you don’t know who Tribal Theory is by now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Tribal Theory of San Diego, California has established themselves as the originals of Urban Reggae music. Continuously producing fresh musical compositions that are undeniable masterpieces. Formed in 2005, Tribal Theory’s signature is the fusion of their Pacific Island culture with the feel good vibes of Reggae, grittiness of Urban Ska, and the soulful harmonies of R&B. This hybrid sound has the depth and versatility to span across many different genres including Reggae, Island Reggae, R&B, Alternative, Roots, and World music.

Tribal Theory is bringing the “west coast cool” vibe all around the world. Headlining concerts all across Hawaii, Guam, and the tip of Eastern Asia. Over the years, the band has gained the respect of numerous music legends. Performing alongside artists such as Steel Pulse, Barrington Levy, The Wailing Souls, Fiji, SOJA, Collie Buddz, Katchafire, Common Kings, The Green, and J Boog; to name a few.

Recently, Tribal Theory has been taking the Reggae world by storm. Releasing three albums in three years: Cali Love, Hell of A Night, and Tribal Theory (self titled). As well as receiving “Best World Music Album of Year 2013” at San Diego Music Awards. Winners of Orange County Mai Tai Rumble 2013 and champions of VANS Warped Tour Battle of The Bands 2011. (Tribal Theory Site)

So with all that being said, it shows how accomplished these guys are. In my mention from earlier, I am not a big Reggae head, BUT I have to admit, these guys are great. I enjoy their fusion of different types of genre’s and how they have grown through the years as you can tell from their early tracks to their now current tracks (see videos below). Overall their sound is very appealing, and they are still a fairly young band with huge upside. So look them up and check out their music if you have the chance, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Right now if you are stateside, they are on tour across the west coast so hopefully yall can catch a show, cause their live performance is dope. Hopefully they make their way back to Guam sometime this year or in 2016, cause it would be a treat for the island to see how much they have changed as a band and added so much new music to their arsenal since their last performance here. I definitely wish Tribal Theory the best in all their future endeavors, with all their shows and their music, as they continue their journey through the music ranks of the world. Big ups!

Shout out to the bros from the band.

Nico Tuliesu – Vocals

Ku “Kid Rasta” Hawkins – Vocals

Peter Cruz – Guitar & Backup Vocals

Rudy “Rude Boy” Duenas – Bass

Benjah Guzman – Keyboard

Also check out some of their Tracks and Live Performances here on their YOUTUBE (some throwbacks and some new new) or you can check the videos below.

Love You Down

Falling For You

Tell Me

Stuck In The Middle

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