Tracy McGrady The ‘1’

September 15, 2015 No Comments

With the recent controversy of Laker’s PG D’angelo Russell’s twitter spew about how Tracy McGrady was the GOAT, despite having Kobe Bryant as a Teammate, and forgetting he was a LAKER, I decided to look in the most common place to reminisce about one of my personal favorite players, Tracy McGrady. Sure, even though he was one of my favorite players, there is NO WAY Tracy McGrady was the GOAT BUT he was one hell of a player. I mean who could score what?, 13 points in like 35 seconds? Correct me if I am wrong but thats quite a feat within itself. Even though Russell may have garnered more haters especially from LA, thanks to his twitter post, (trigger fingers turn into twitter fingers), he does have somewhat of a point that McGrady was a great player. McGrady was a gifted offensive player but was unfortunately struck by injuries and the curse of not having so great teammates. McGrady almost always carried the load, which lead to him never making it past the first round as a KEY player, he did however make it to the finals with the Spurs, almost narrowly getting a Championship which was derailed by Lebron James and the then Miami Heat. Overall McGrady was a great player, and I believe he should be in the Hall of Fame one day. So lets take a look at the video below, reminisce of McGrady, and watch some of his highlights during the wonder years.

Added bonus, the 13 points in 35 seconds video

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