#thatLOUD Vol. 2 – Thugs & Kisses

September 27, 2015 No Comments

Throughout the many years of knowing eachother, DJ Sylnt and I have always teamed up for multiple gigs and events, yet we never collaborated on a mixtape together until the 4Front mixtape in 2012. During that time it was myself, Lord Chris Berg, DJ Supagi, & of course Sylnt who created a collabo mix. Eventually in the year 2014 Sylnt and I both decided we needed to do another mix. We tried to get the gang back together for the 4Front mixtape Vol. 2 but unfortunately with everyone’s schedule being so different, and DJ Supagi relocating to Seattle, it was difficult to have that done. So as a duo, we came up with the #thatLOUD project. If you haven’t listened to the first #thatLOUD mix (which you should by the way :D) it ventured into a different branch of EDM than the usual EDM mixes we have heard. Jersey Club, Future Bass, Heaven Trap, etc. were all part of our first mixtape. So after a little bit of time that passed we finally put together #thatLOUD Vol. 2 – Thugs & Kisses. Be expecting a slew of new music as well as genre’s that you haven’t heard much of. Check out the mix below and let us know what you think. You might even get a #thatLOUD Vol. 3 sometime next year aswell.

DJ JPogi x DJ Sylnt #thatLOUD Vol. 2 – Thugz & Kisses by Jon Patrick Layson on Mixcloud

Check out the new mixes on www.soundcloud.com/djjpogi or www.mixcloud.com/djjpogi

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