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Ever look at some of these Street Wear brands and think, “why would anyone buy this crap?”. Well here’s your chance to poop on all of that. With all the streetwear brands charging ridiculous prices, coming out with totally useless stuff like a brick or crowbar with its branding, or the insane rape prices that resellers create, its easy to see that things are getting out of hand. So here comes Supoop, an LA based brand that initially started as a joke with a play on words for super hypebeast brand Supreme, created for the kids. There are classic versions of Supreme tees in various colors, with the Supoop twist. So if you want your kid to look fresh, check out www.supoopLA.com for some dope gear and more coming soon.

Here are some samples you can pick up for the kiddies (adult sizes coming soon): (See Below)

Supoop Black Shirt Gray Shirt Emoji Black Shirt Louis

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