Rich Minded Productions – Understand Fam

December 10, 2015 No Comments

Big ups to the Fam, Rich Minded Productions, on their new video entitled “Understand Fam”. I’ve been blessed to work these talented individuals for quite sometime, even getting the dub as their official DJ. These guys have been grinding ever since I’ve met them and you can tell that by just listening to the “music dawg”. Right now they don’t have any set place where you can catch them perform, but you definitely will find them around Guam, at all the local hot spots and events, kickin it, having a good time, and doing things the “RMP Way”. Be sure to add them on Twitter and Instagram at @_richmindedprod and @richmindedproductions respectively. All their songs are usually posted on their Soundcloud so keep up with them and all their music via that site. Anyway’s check out the video, subscribe, and post all your thoughts in the comment section below, peace!

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