Local Sundays: Rachael Esteves – The Right Time

February 14, 2016 No Comments

So I’ve planning to add more sections/segments recently to the website and have come across a few ideas. Within these ideas has been one in particular, which is to showcase local talent. Whether it is music, knowledge (vlogs/blogs/etc), or any special talent of any sort, I tend to want to watch just to see what the local person has to offer. Lately I’ve been wow’d, as I see a lot of local people from Guam take their talents to new heights and expand on what they love. Rachael Esteves is one of those people. I met her a while back when a couple Mc’s got together and did a cypher at a local apparel store, Colosseum. She’s always been pursuing her dreams in music and I’ve found that to be inspiring. She recently opened up her “Dollhouse” for other local musicians to find means in putting together recorded work. This “Dollhouse” is a studio and practice area for some local musicians to get their music together and get things right. Besides all these accolades she of course is part of a few projects herself. One of those projects includes her being a member of a group called “The Dolls”. The recently released an album, and if you haven’t heard it yet, definitely check it out. I believe it should be on iTunes by now. With all that being said, our FIRST Local Sunday (idk if I will keep that name but that’s all I have for now haha) is featuring the one and only Rachael Esteves with her new single and video (shot by the guys over at Acoustic Attack, big ups Ryan!) entitled The Right Time featuring other local artists like Chris Boomer, Nicholas Keone, Marc Elliot, Megan V., and Matt Sablan on the hook. Hit the jump to check out the video on Acoustic Attack’s Youtube Page.



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