Pioneer DJM-S9

August 9, 2015 No Comments

So Pioneer just released a new toy for all the DJs out there. This is dubbed the DJM-S9. All I have to say is “wow”. There was a lot of skepticism behind the thought of Pioneer making a new battle mixer, which included a lot of debate on whether the fader would be good enough, or if the price point was good, or basically if it would be anywhere close to the Rane mixers that many DJs have been loyal to over the last few years. Overall my impression on it was fairly right. I knew Pioneer wouldn’t come out the gates with anything less than awesome. Why you ask? Because we are in the age where if you don’t put all your eggs into the basket the internet will EAT YOU ALIVE. Yup if Pioneer came out with something that couldn’t change the game, we would be sending much ridicule towards them and the turntablists of the world would probably stray away from the Pioneer line. Anyways, Pioneer didn’t disappoint. If you wanna know more about what I mean, take a look at this CRAZY line up of DJs that have CO-SIGNED on the DJM-S9. (Video Below)

On a side note. I love the 16 RGB pads……….makes life that much easier.

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