Nike Lebron 13

September 10, 2015 No Comments

It seems that with every new NBA season that comes around, comes a new Shoe from the NBA’s best players. From Stephen Curry (Under Armour), to Derrick Rose (Adidas), and to the quadruple talent of Kyrie Iriving, Kobe Bryant, Keving Durant, and of course Lebron James (All Nike) these shoes keep piling up many closets. Particularly I had been a fan of the Lebron series of since the Lebron 9, which in my opinion was my favorite “high” model, whilst my favorite low model has been the more recent Lebron 12. I have always been a fan of shoes and collecting them definitely put a hole in my pocket, but seeing as how the tech on these “basketball shoes” improve each year, it seems they get more expensive. With every “new” model the price of retail raises which deteriorates my want for the new models, thus I end up not wanting to purchase the shoe even if it has the newest and best tech. Although if we were to judge on just aesthetics, feel, and of course the tech I mentioned above, I would say the Lebron 13 would be an easy purchase for me if the price was thrown out the window. Easily the Lebron 13 looks more wearable for the courts rather than out and about, but I am a big fan of big bulky shoes that just protect my feet, which is why I kind of strayed away from the Kobe Series and never dived beyond a few pairs of KDs. So with all that being said, I am looking forward to this model releasing because its by far the best looking out of the Lebron Series since the 9’s in my opinion, I just wish the price was a little more fair than the proposed $220 pricetag on them right now.

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