New Technics Turntable at IFA 2015

September 13, 2015 No Comments

At the most recent IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin Panasonic released information as well as an unfinished model of their new Technics Turntable. Wait, before anyone who is a Technics fanboy says anything, this is just a prototype. Most DJs, when hearing the name Technics, think of an industry standard turntable that for many years ruled DJ booths and home set ups alike. Unfortunately a few years ago Technics stopped producing Turntables (Particularly the Technics 1200) and a lot of people saw the brand break apart. Although recently we have seen the name pop up hear and there, the company known as Technics is revamping everything. They started producing Amplifiers for home use, and even more recently started a music website which is similar to Beatport. Now with all those under their belts there were images released from the most recent IFA that show a sleek, futuristic turntable (see above and below). I for one was excited to see information on this piece, but to my dismay, it was just a regular turntable sans the Tonearm. When actually taking time to look at the turntable itself and read some reviews, I began to really believe that this model of Technics branded Truntable would be specifically for the Audiophiles (An audiophile is a person enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction usually in a home setting). I know a lot of Technics fanboys are butt hurt right now because they were really hoping for a new DJ turntable, even some not realizing that this is made for Audiophiles, decided to comment on the picture and say it was “ugly” or “how is a DJ going to use that? It looks heavy!”. Of course there were those who also said “I am definitely getting myself a pair”. So before everyone sells their old turntables, WAIT first and actually take time to read up on this, or you can also read about it here. LOL! Overall if you are a fan of music and are an Audiophile, then I think this would be a great addition to the household. It’s very sleek and very futuristic, and of course will have a very long lasting powerful motor thanks to the lineage of Technics. Be on the look out for more updates on these Turntables and check out some pics below for more visualizations of the Technics IFA Turntable.










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