Just Blaze – “Rhythm Roulette” Live From The Sprite Corner

September 30, 2015 No Comments

JustBlaze, one of my all time favorite producers was featured in one of the more recent Mass Appeal, Rhythm Roulette episodes. Basically the premise behind these episodes is that they take a producer (fairly known if not well known) and throw them into a record store to choose 3 records to make a beat out of. After they find the 3 record they head over to Sprite Headquarters (the corner) and are put to work at a make shift studio (to the producers requirements might I add) and they go through their process. From laying out synth lines, to base lines, to chopping up samples, they have to use at least one of the records they chose and “sample” to the best of their ability. So with all that information to take in, we come back to JustBlaze. He is a fairly well known producer and produced alot of hits for Jay-Z, Cam’ron, Saigon, and many other Hip-hop artists from the early part of the millennium. So take a look into this episode in the video below and check out how JustBlaze lays down a beat. For the record, he makes a dope ass Premier type beat (in my opinion) which would make all the Hip-hop heads, head nod with excitement. It was excited to see how he came up with the beat and how he chopped up the samples, just seeing this process inspired myself to go back into sampling and try to make some Hip-hop beats. I will be posting a lot more of these type of videos so be expecting more producers to come! Also don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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