Just Blaze Boiler Room Set

November 11, 2015 No Comments

I have been a Just Blaze fan for quite sometime (even posting his most recent beat making adventure), and he has definitely found his place in the DJing world. Not really known as a DJ, he has quite the skills of it. Scratching, beat matching, and overall one of the most important things as a DJ, his selection. Here he is in full effect dropping knowledge at the Boiler Room in London. From classics, to his own productions, to pretty much everything but the kitchen sink, Just Blaze shows us his musicality. Here is a little snippet from djcity, where I first found out about the Boiler Room set.

“Two weeks ago, the Boiler Room threw a party in London to explore the intersections between soul, hip-hop and house. One of the highlights of the night was a set by Just Blaze, who has produced classics like Cam’ron’s “Oh Boy,” Jay Z’s “Public Service Announcement,” and Fabolous’ “Breathe.”

Though Blaze is best known for his work in hip-hop, the New Jersey native grew up on house and has even released some of his own house productions. Considering his diverse background and in-depth knowledge of various musical styles, it only makes sense that the Boiler Room would enlist him for such an event.

Thankfully, like all Boiler Room sets, Blaze’s entire performance is now available to stream on YouTube. Watch his hour-long set above, which covers various eras and genres, including soul, house, and hip-hop. Blaze also showed off his turntablist skills a little bit.” – djcity.com

Peep the video below and enjoy the tunes!

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