Gig Recap

September 1, 2015 No Comments

Cheers – This was my first friday DJing at the local bar in Tamuning. Great time indeed. There was a private party when I first started, which if I am correct it was a girl named Ruth’s birthday. The night started off quick from the jump. Literally the whole night there was people there. Eventually towards the end of the night I was happy enough that I got a dance floor at a place that was relatively regarded as a bar to chill and meet up with friends to prime up, and then it turned into a “dance club”. Gotta admit, I’m looking forward to this coming Friday, for sure.


The W – My first time DJing at the W on a Saturday in over a few months. I was pretty nervous on how things were going to go because I knew my style was fairly different from the DJs that have been rocking that spot as of late which include Fullcast Flip, DJ Sylnt, Midknife, DJ Flor, etc. Started my night at 10pm and it was fairly slow as usual because most Guam crowds come out past 12. Oddly enough by 11pm the club was starting to fill up. By 11:45pm it was filled with people and the dancefloor kept pumpin all night. I admit though that there were times I was flustered with finding songs because I haven’t exactly played for club in quite some time. Glad everyone stuck around, grabbed some drinks, and kept dancing the night away (Happy Birthday to the home girl Rikki). By the time of my last song, there were people not wanting to go home, and wanting to stick around for more music. Unfortunately that’s not how things are ran over there, gotta close up by 2 so there is no illegal drinking happening. LOL. Overall it was a great night, great vibe, and looking forward to playing there again this coming Saturday.


Trips: The Vacation Listening Party – For a Tuesday night I gotta admit it was pretty turnt up. The night was relatively easy going when I first got there, good music, good drinks, good food, the usual. By 11pm we had Trips, Sueno, and the rest of RMP (Rich Minded Productions) show out for the listening party with songs from the “Vacation” and also from upcoming projects. The performances were dope, Trips came to strike first with his slew of singles from the EP and kept up quick with the fast transitions between each song. After a short intermission we had a little bit of a freestyle sesh when Trips, Sueno, and Shaime hit the stage to show that they don’t just write, but they also freestyled. That got the crowd pumped up and eventually led up to the RMP set. For my personal favorite track, they brought up D.J. Cruz of Crowns on stage to rip the first verse, Trips following suit, and Sueno closing it out. It was a fun yet powerful performance from the group. I had fun rocking it with them and also playing tracks to keep the crowd moving after the performances were over. Thanks for everyone that came out last night and check us out, be on the look out for more events to come featuring local rappers.

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