DJ Craze and Four Color Zack Diss Whack DJs on New Mix, ‘2¢’

September 4, 2015 No Comments

DJ Craze and Four Color Zack (FCZ) debut a refreshing new mix, that takes wordplay and battling, to another level. Except this time, the battle is against all the whack DJs out there, most primarily the Button Pushers like Hardwell (mentioned in the first diss), and DJ Mag’s Top 100 listing.

There has been a huge debate over what “DJing” is as of late. Most recently 3Lau got into a heated debate with DJ Legend Z-Trip over the differences in how one plays, and crowd control, and even shots at what kind of stage’s (Main or side stage) that one plays at.

The debate remains simple as this, “What is a DJ?”. Many believe that if you play music you’re a DJ. Whilst this may be correct to an extent, because even people on the Radio who don’t necessarily play in front of big crowds, are considered to be DJ’s because they play music.

Craze and FCZ have came up with this mix to let you know how they view DJing. With their collaboration along with collabs with other famous DJs they have created the #realDJ movement. Basically this movement consists of DJs who actually work behind the turntables or should I say DJ booth (because some literally don’t do anything). From scratching to beat juggling, to newer skills like toneplay and wordplay, #realDJing is the focus for these DJs. They proclaim that skills behind the turntable, as well as crowd participation/involvement (reading the crowd), and musical choice are the keen aspects of what makes a #realDJ.

Craze and FCZ take shots at all the people who are producers thinking they can DJ just cause its the “cool” thing to do, or cause they made a hit track that they are entitled to DJ. People like Craze and FCZ have worked hard to get to where they are at now, which is why they feel a sense of disrespect from these “EDM producer DJs” because they don’t see nor appreciate the actual skills behind the turntables/CDJs.

The message that the duo is conveying is that #realDJing is a skill, its something that isn’t easy, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted, and that it is something that takes years and years to perfect with many hours spent practicing. Give the crowd that pays for these festivals a real show, not a light show, and the EDM Producer DJ only presses one button, yet makes thousands of dollars to throw air hearts up in the air. That’s does sound pretty wrong and unfair right?

Anyways, enough of me typing, check out the mix below and let me know what you think. I do advise to listen closely to the words being used and the samples that they scratch in, and to keep an open ear to this mix. It’s not meant to make you dance, make you wanna turn up, or even wanna bump in your ride. This mix is meant to convey a message about how #realDJing is, and how it should it be properly excused. So check out the mix below called ‘2¢’ by DJ Craze and Four Color Zizizizizizack (only real heads will know).

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