Deadpool The Movie?

September 23, 2015 No Comments

I have never been a hardcore fan of Deadpool (but I am a Marvel fan), sure he looks awesome and all that goodness, but who wouldn’t like a cool superhero/villain ninja assassin with comedy and amazing fighting skills with regeneration powers type character? Well he is getting his own movie (Finally!) which will be released in February of 2016. With so much hype around the movie Deadpool, a lot of my Marvel fan friends are really worried that this movie will be a disappointment. Why you may ask? Mostly because of who is putting it together, which is 20th Century Fox. If you know comic book movies well, you would know that 20th Century Fox is the production company of all the X-men movies as well as the the most recent flop of the Fantastic Four. So many believe they should worry about the adaptation of this Deadpool versus one that might have fared better if it was under the Marvel Studios licensing. Granted the trailer looks amazing, this could still be a plausible reason to believe that all the “good” scenes were placed in the Trailer. Should we be expecting an “Origins” type story? Will there be a lot of violence? Judging from the rating alone, it looks like its going to get a very ‘R’ rating because of all the violence, blood, and language. Although I do have my doubts about this movie, among many other local Marvel fans, I really hope that this movie wipes away the memory of the X-Men: Origins Deadpool, because that one was HORRIBLE. This movie NEEDS to be awesome and if it fails, I will forever boycott all Marvel movies made by 20th Century Fox because they are simply destroying my childhood. So please movie gods, please make this movie decent at the least.


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