Bryson Tiller – Trapsoul Album

October 11, 2015 No Comments

Slated to originally drop on October 2nd 2015, Bryson surprised us all with an early drop to his long awaited TRAPSOUL Album. From the 3 songs I’ve heard via iTunes, and the miscellaneous unreleased tracks hes had, I can definitely tell you that I am a fan. From hearing “Don’t” before it got popular, Bryson’s style of RnB or as he calls it Trapsoul (hence the album name) reminds me of a mixture of Drake + the Weeknd + Future’s Beats, and that’s basically how Bryson sounds in my opinion. Bryson also has a very consistent sound that reminds me of how consistent an artist like Kid Ink is. Consistency usually equals to good numbers as far as album sales/downloads from looking at all the trending Artists. As my “Apple Music” (sorry I used iTunes earlier lol) is now downloading the Trapsoul album, I calmly await for myself to get off work and listen to the whole thing from beginning to end. From what I have seen on Twitter has been nothing but good reviews so that is a good sign that I made a good purchase (cause no one likes making a bad one haha) Hopefully there will be time to give a full review of the Album from First song to last song, but in the mean time enjoy some of snippets from the Trapsoul album via Bryson’s Youtube Account right here below and DON’T FORGET to leave us a comment with what you think or just some of your thoughts on the album.


Been That Way

Sorry Not Sorry

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