Boiler Room – Esta & Mr. Carmack (Soulection)

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I am a fan of all forms of DJing, and recently I dove into listening to some indie sub genres of EDM, which basically is a mix of your usual EDM, with Hip-Hop elements (speed/tempo), with some sampling, and just overall creativity. As of late my sense of music/inspiration has come from the duo from a group (and collective) called Soulection which consists of Esta & Mr. Carmack among others. The videos below show their creativity, where they play alot of their own beats, productions, and remixes as well as other dope producers creations. The event they are DJing for in the videos below is called “The Boiler Room”. If you are unfamiliar with the Boiler Room, it is known as “a music platform that hosts intimate live music sessions with an invite-only audience in mostly private locations, streaming the performances live on the Boiler Room website and through video streaming services such as YouTube and Dailymotion”. (Wikipedia)

Basically the DJ is in the crowd. The crowd is around the DJ. Both entities are coinciding with each other
to create a unique experience that is very unconventional in the sense of the DJ to Crowd aspect. Majority of the time the DJ is on a platform away from everyone and playing to the crowd which generally have little to no access to the DJ. Boiler Room strips all that away and embodies the crowd to be involved with the DJ so that everyone can appreciate what the DJ is doing and of course have a great time. I first learned about the “Boiler Room” from a good friend and fellow DJ, DJ Justin. DJ Justin, Pharm DJ, and DJ Mega, created the first “Boiler Room” of Guam. Even though it wasn’t associated with the actual Boiler Room events, these DJs ventured beyond the box to give Guam a unique experience that I have to admit, was the first of its kind. Over a years span they threw I believe 3-4 more before each DJ split up and went their separate ways, but just that experience alone inspired me to venture into newer, underground music.

Years later, I started my own small event at Drop in Tumon (thank you Drop for the oppurtunity), called “Bass Island”, which basically takes bits and pieces of the style of Soulection’s music, and also brings in another EDM sub genre called Future Bass to round off the night. Overall I was looking for a venue to express myself freely and spread my wings with different genres, so I could test out my creativity. I am glad I have gotten positive feedback from my event, that I was asked to DJ for more recent events like Acoustic Attack, where I played that type of underground sounding tracks. I am hopeful to maybe play more of this type of music on a bigger scale because I am a fan of the genre.

Be sure to check out the videos below of Esta’s and Mr. Carmack’s sets from their Boiler Room event in London (circa 2014) as well as subscribe to the Boiler Room Youtube to see a lot of their more recent events with some world class acts.


Mr. Carmack

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