Bass Island @ Drop Opening Set

September 22, 2015 No Comments
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I actually haven’t released a new mix in a while due to lack of timing on my part, but I do plan on putting out more stuff in the upcoming week, which include #thatLOUD pt. 2 with the homie DJ Sylnt, Pogi Podcast Vol. 6, and of course the miscellaneous Power 98 mixes which you can hear on Power 98 throughout the week as well as Saturdays at 9pm for the Nightshift mix. Anyways going back to this mix. I have to say this is really out of my realm, I usually don’t do slow paced loungey style mixes but ever since I started DJing at Drop I have been venturing out and trying new things, especially new genres of music. My main influence for this style has been Drew Mariano (thanks to his Summer Solidarity Mixes) and the Soulection crew. Overall I wanted to showcase myself as something more than just a “Club DJ” so this is basically what I came up with. I usually play these tracks separately here and there among my different gigs or even at home, but I never dedicated much time to actually focusing on just the genre itself. Among these tracks I also ventured into future bass, for my gig at Drop. Be tuned in for my set with DJ Sylnt for #thatLOUD pt. 2 for our renditions of different styles of EDM with Trap and Hardstyle amongst other things for DJ Sylnt’s first half, and Future Bass/Heaven Trap for the 2nd half which I will be taking care of. Thanks everyone for all the support through the years, check out the mix below for my opening set at Drop for Bass Island.

Bass Island @ Drop Opening Set by Jon Patrick Layson on Mixcloud

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