adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 “Chinese New Year” // First Look

November 11, 2016 No Comments

By many estimations, adidas Ultra Boost “Chinese New Year” releases this year have been some of the best Boost-enabled drops of 2016. We tend to agree. It looks as if that trend will continue with a first look today at the upcoming Ultra Boost 3.0 “CNY” edition.

Embracing the aesthetically pleasing new Primeknit construction, the multicolored upper, accenting black cage support, patterned laces and liner all manifest something great, something everyone will want and something we’ll continue to talk about until they release. Right now, a date for the adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 “Chinese New Year” is unknown.  -NiceKicks.com

adidas-ultra-boost-3-0-chinese-new-year adidas-ultra-boost-3-0-chinese-new-year_02 adidas-ultra-boost-2 adidas-ultra-boost-3

adidas-ultra-boost-6-565x372 adidas-ultra-boost-11 adidas-ultra-boost-chinese-new-year-cny-2017-7

adidas-ultra-boost-nyc-black-pink-1 adidas-ultra-boost-nyc-black-pink-2 adidas-ultra-boost-nyc-black-pink-3

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